Term of use & Privacy

This Privacy Policy describes KitePlus’ information practices for its browser extension. We take your privacy seriously and want you to understand exactly what information we collect, how we process that information, which pieces of information you can request us to remove, and how to contact us about this policy. Please read this policy carefully.

When it comes to your personal information, most of this policy applies to users who choose to purchase KitePlus Chrome extension.

When you purchase KitePlus, we ask for your user ID for subscription purposes. Other than that, we don’t collect any personal information about the user. The user’s browser handles all processing without any servers.

We never have or will sell your personal information to any third party.

KitePlus is merely a productivity tool as the plugin or extension. It is not liable for any profit or loss incurred by its user.

For any questions or concerns regarding the privacy policy,
please contact us at