Browser Extension For Zerodha Kite

Enhance the Zerodha Kite web platform experience with KitePlus.

KitePlus is a browser extension for Zerodha. It adds some additional features to the already exceptional Zerodha web platform in order to make it even better. All the additional features run locally on user’s browser. Nothing runs on the server.

Side by side order window.

  • A tiled order window, to keep track of all the open and executed orders without having to go to the Order page.

Status Bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • Keep track of available margin, used margin, total margin without having to go to the Funds page.
  • Day’s history and Total P&L display in status bar.

Load Option Chain in watchlist.

  • Generate option chain in watchlist.

Groupview of Positions

  • Group positions with the same underlying instrument in the position window.
  • Track P&L of the each group individually.
  • Option for separate groups based on the expiry date.

MTM Chart

  • Visualize your MTM throughout the day using a chart.
  • Supports candle and line type chart.
  • Shows high and low of the day for MTM.
  • Full screen view support.
  • Option to save as JPG image or as CSV file.

Quick Basket Order

  • Add an instrument to basket by double clicking the instrument name in a watchlist or positions window.
  • By default, the Sell Order will be added in the basket. Hold down the Ctrl key while double clicking to add the order as a buy order.

Realtime charges

  • The total charges for the day are shown in status bar, which include brokerage and other charges. It gets updated as soon as the order is executed.

Receivable premium in order window

  • If the order is a sell order, premium receivables will also be displayed along with margin requirements.


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